A scientific possibility: “small structures”

What if-

The question: What is the smallest “thing” in existence?

Current thoughts: strings, super strings, quarks.

Possibility: “small structures”

Now I’m no scientist, just a hobbyist. But today we were working on a voxel based video game. Meaning that smallest unit in that game is a three dimensional cube. Then we were discussing optimization of the CPU and processing speed using some algorithm or whatchamacallit. I’m no engineer either.

In any case, I thought about well, what if it could be reduced down smaller and smaller. “It” not referring to the game, but I mean in real life. This is a common question in science where we wonder what’s the smallest particle possible, which leads one to recognize the fundamental shape of both living and non living things in the universe.

What if… Just what if.. the smallest possible unit was.. A structure.. something I call a “small structure”.

Imagine not a tiny dot or a tiny string, but a small structure that resembles a complex structure such as a car, a highway, or an entire city. Yes, for example, it might even be the same of a city, or using the same line of logic, an entire universe. An entire universe-like shape being the building blocks of the actual universe. Lets not go that far, but-

But- Anyways. What makes this possible? If possible at all?

One argues, well not argue but simply propositions the possibility of- 3 theories that would allow the existence of this “small structure”.

1. Is time discrete or continuous? It is not difficult to imagine that if time were discrete then indeed the smallest particle possible is a quark or if time were continuous then a string (I might have mixed those up, oh well). But we believe, at this point in time, we meaning a significant amount of people, that time is both discrete and continuous. If time is both discrete and continuous at the same time (double word use not intended), then matter should be able to take forms that are beyond what we cannot measure (that’s a new can of worms I won’t open) right now. This, I think, is the first opening for the possibility of a “small structure”.

2. Faster than light travel. Or travel at the speed of light, or near speed of light. But no really, faster than light travel. I won’t risk sounding like a pseudo-scientist and say I believe in that without some empirical evidence, so I will just imagine that a particle. A very tiny particle, could bounce around and form a shape. But it’s not really that shape, because the speed at which it bounces around or “vibrates” (hehe) is the particle moving around. Or maybe its doppelganger is moving around (if you believe in that symmetry stuff). But what if particles or things smaller than a particle like the imaginary small structure, moved faster than the speed of light? If such a thing were to move faster than the speed of light, then its course of path or trajectory is part of the particle itself. Like an object moving along a straight line if it were going faster than light the object is the line itself. Now just take that and extrapolate (and I hate extrapolating) to moving along a path that forms an entire structure. Then you have a “small structure”.

3. The container or environment of a mass matters. When one thinks of matter existing, one thinks of it existing in either a vacuum, closed system, organism (in which case the smallest unit would be a cell), or other place from which the matter can move within. This is the worst of part of the 3 arguments for the possibility of a “small structure”. What one is to say is that it requires very specific conditions for such a small structure to exist. Maybe it can only exist when surrounded by grey matter or dark matter rather than simple matter. Maybe it can only exist in a tunnel in space. Who knows.

So the basis of a “small structure” possibility is based on 3 highly highly theoretical possibilities not in the mainstream studies, extrapolated to a degree that one can only describe as “anything is possible when you think of things in such a light (or faster than light hehe /joke)”.

Basically it’s just that, without empirical evidence, one could suppose that the smallest unit of the universe could be an entire universe. A “small structure” being smaller than a quark? Ridiculous.

And that is why I don’t call it a hypothesis.

A “possibility” is more accurate.


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