What is a white lotus?

It is something whose meaning has escaped me

Who incorrectly is used above

Not that this poem is grammatically correct

It is something that perplexes me

Why must poetry have but a single subject

Or meaning for that matter //

Maybe a single stanza would be but a line

A line of thought that trails off into the distance

A white lotus has little meaning to the man forgetful as he

A of less importance to the ignorant like me

Unlike the subject and title of this writing

A white lotus is what it means to me //

If a white lotus were made in any other shape

If a white lotus were of any other color

If a white lotus were called by another name

Would it still be a white lotus?

It would to me //

Knowledge is something of a hindrance

It weighs upon the mind like a stone clung to the ground

For sure the planet can handle its pull

For sure the stone can pull the planet

That too is true if science had no doubt

And no meaning of its very nature; its very something //

Something like a white lotus that pulls itself to me

What is a white lotus? It is something to me

And very different it is

From you, or he, or she, or thee, or thou and then or now //

A thought is but a fleeting moment

A meaning is a meeting that came but never went

Never went away //

So stay white lotus

Until meaning

Is found


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