The devil once asked me for a dance.

He had so much rhythm as he danced

So many ways his body moved as he pranced, pranced around,

Around he went so promiscuous he was

No fear of feet stumbling, appearing though he merely clowned around,

Around the room so elegantly he buzzed

And he stung me, he stung me like a bee

“Ouch” I said

What was that for?

“That was for the last dance and then no more”

And as his words sunk deep into my skull

And as the pain went away, I-I- I found no foe

I found the moonlight beaming down upon us

It lit up the room to reveal demons in their best dress

“Trust us” they all said as he pressed and pressed and pressed

And yet I knew no angels would ever dare

Dare to gaze into that dark dark stare

“Sure” I said, you can have the last dance

“Wonderful” he replied

So happy I complied

And so began this horrible story of doom and gloom

Horrible was how I described the smell of Satan’s perfume

That was how close I found myself with him

The only thing I could see really so room so was dim

Now I’ll spare you the details

I wouldn’t want to scare you

I wouldn’t want to waste your time untill the morning dew

But when was all said and done, when all things ended, all less the fun,

When the two of us stopped then and there

When eyes in the room became aware

“Wait” someone said, a voice in the crowd

“Where is he?!” they said so loud

For who was who between the two of us one knew no longer

Stronger they say what does not kill you

Well here that was true, and true again, twice true it was

For he slew me not and I slayed him not

So does end the battle never fought

But danced, dance it did

And so was the moral of the story if there ever was one

That the devil can dance and when he does it’s just so much fun

But run, run, run, the wise would say

For one morality is like a simple dance with the demons outside

And two the goat finds itself muddied after a wild ride

Then finally three, three times a person looks into a mirror

Because things become abundantly clear

That the devil is always your peer

And sometimes, just sometimes, one must look a little closer

For is it you, that wears those horns on that poster?

Have no fear one would say

Fear of what?

Losing your way.


[Author’s note: Free verse I enjoy, but practice from time to time, I try that rhyme.

The rhythm right here is so weak. I just want to delete this poem. I just had such a hard time mixing the rhymes into my free verse style. But I’ll leave it up as an example of failure. In the future I should just stick with rhythmic free verse as my bread and butter. Or maybe practice makes perfect. Who knows. Overall this was a D if graded generally or C if graded taking style into account.

It actually makes me wonder if rhymes are the enemy of free verse. I mean, technically, free verse is defined by its lack of structure. Typically a poem has structure from one of two sources. It could either be from its rhyming scheme or its rhythmic base. It just seems so difficult to do free verse based in rhyme, not that strict rhyme was used here, it was loosely used. I’ll try again another day. I refuse to lose against this self critical thing.

Edit: Hey somebody liked it. I did like it as I wrote it. So I guess two people liked it. To each their own I suppose. I always have fun writing it. Never a loss.]


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