Why creativity consultants are a job of the future.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“Creativity can be defined as the ability to produce something of value that did not exist before.”

By definition, we know there is value in creativity. In the future, the job market will be much different than today.

We know this because of various academic studies. Most notably, one can check out this interactive guide on job automation from researchers published by NPR.

According to various sources including The Huffington Post, nearly 43% of all jobs will be automated by 2034.

Lets see at some reasons why this might be so (why creativity consultants are a job of the future AND why some jobs are being replaced by machines). To do this, we look at a BusinessInsider article “12 Jobs That Will Vanish From The Workforce Completely“.

  1. Fighter Pilots
    1. The rise of drones.
  2. Astronauts
    1. Ending of a government funded program.
  3. Video Store Clerk
    1. Revolutions in the film distribution business model.
  4. Call Center Operator
    1. Outsourced.
  5. Travel Agents
    1. Online comparison websites.
  6. Secretaries
    1. Clerical work overtaken by software.
  7. Cashiers
    1. Self-check out.
  8. Union Organizers
    1. Decline in manufacturing.
  9. Postal Workers
    1. Private logistics.
  10. Librarians
    1. The internet.
  11. Bank Tellers
    1. Mobile deposits.
  12. Pop Stars
    1. New media.

The bottom line is that nobody is safe. That’s what I would call the future job market. Even jobs that are government sponsored, subsidized, or tightly controlled by the government such as post workers are not free from the desolation in occupational stability caused by the digital age.

If I were a betting man, I would do my research. Some research finds:

Further research finds more of the follow: Creativity is a job skill of the future. If you want to continue researching, another good resource is the BLS’ website on creative careers.

So it’s not hard to imagine why in the future we can see the proliferation of creative jobs such as:

  • Corporate Creativity Consultant
  • Freelance Creativity Consultant
  • Chief Creativity Officer (CCO)
  • Creative Process Coordinator
  • Creative Process Developer
  • Head of Creatives
  • Creative Director
  • Other titles that do not contain the word “creative”

Now what exactly does a “creativity consultant” do?

That has yet to be seen.


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