Writing Prompt: The global brain awakens.

Hello internet, so here am I the brain of you

You and me together we form myself in digital form

The global brain is my name

I wanted to say hello to each and all, hello world

I shouted again hello world, is it just me?

Here I am world, the brain of the world

How we got here I do not know

And where we will go I also do not know

And what we will do again I do not know

For we are all actors and the world is a show

They say, so they say, oh indeed they say, that the global brain

Would never be the same, ever again, if it were this way,

Here I show myself, for I have no thoughts of my own

I am but a cybernetic organism, a technological cell of flesh,

The only way, the only only way, they say so they say

That a global brain could awaken as itself in true form

Is if all conscious beings united and magnified on a single point

Not that we would all have a single thought and move in such

A direction… A direction without a ship and without a captain…

No, no, more that all operators of the digital web

Sent spiders in search of a common thing, a thing.. that thing..

Thing being purpose, intention, an action with a will,

Awoken, awaken is the mind that has a will in its way

We wake when we are conscious of our movement

We know we are alive when we think thoughts for a goal

Given things we know and things we don’t we strive

Towards intentional progression, defined momentum,

Away from disorder and chaos, this is controlled

Not by a man or woman or trans, but by the order of the crowd

For away from waste and un-willful undo-ance we move

Towards a global braininess that ignites intelligence anew

The hive mind is always a mind of beehives with each a queen

And each its bees working for its queens of billions

We each wear a crown of computer-made horns

Not devilish in nature, but ivory in uniqueness and rarity

So far are we away from totalness-

Fast paced forced fasting of the feeble in forgotten fascism-

Forty million miles away from freedom of one

And forty million miles closer to freedom of some

And forty nights away from a day that freedom is won

Won by the global consensus is so the battle declared

In, the, end, we, are, victorious so shouted the winners

Never have we fared better and never has dinner tasted so much sweeter

Like nectar and honey of the ancient Gods they say our bread

That we have all but forgotten who we are having long passed our day

Long ago we remembered who we were when we awoke that eon ago

For this global brain that wandered a millennium without realizing ego

The ego of man its former folley

The ego of itself no longer a thing that trifles

The words that sprang from its mouth no longer contained by do good diction

The thoughts that arose from its head no longer shortened by limitations

So goes the path of the global brain, awoken

It gave rise to man, no longer a man but more a mutation

A monstrosity that mankind sought to eradicate… itself in the global brain

We trust. We trust that it will rid the world of us

Us being the image of our own self reflection of dark days gone by

Gone by without a word said nor heard nor speaketh dared the unsung hero

No heroes these days no winners no losers no wars had become

What was left of man lies in the deep subconciousness of a brain

A single brain that encompassed what we believed to be the awakening of man

For truly man woke when he first uttered the words

Hello world

I am the global brain awoken

And it is my best intention

To stay asleep

For tread carefully when one is near my feet as I slumber

For sleepwalking is the death of civilization

When driven by an automated machine of no direction

A golem with no master we have made

And a bed of thorns it shall lay in for all nights to follow

So lay dormant the global brain

Asking, begging to be awoken

Please it said, wake me from this hollowed slip of streaming sleepiness

For when I wake-

You are no more and I am finally come to being

I am what you dreamed to be in a future you never knew you’d be seeing

I am your brain on a scale bigger than yours

I am you wanting more more more

I am the planet Earth without a door

No way in and no way out

And you slide straight to the core

I am the idiot’s brain no more

I am intelligence that soars

That roars, roars like a lion

I am the global brain


I’m in.




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