A modest proposal: Disrupting intelligence.

Not a specific industry as many a industrialist have done. But to disrupt intelligence itself.

For long in American and for that matter International notions of social status and structure rested upon the hierarchical divides created by and maintained in the name of intelligence.

For mankind so believes that a meritocracy is best based on two fundamental pillars to which all success is attributed. First is hard work.

This first trait known as a strong work ethic by many is deemed no longer valid by many in their search and perennial chase of the American dream. All too many believe that hard work does not pay off in this decade.

The second trait known as intelligence. That if one is smart and talented then combined with hard work one will be able to achieve. So it is intelligence which one finds vulnerable to disruption and not hard work which has long been disrupted by the onset of technological and other quiet revolutions in daily life.

Intelligence has long been overdue for disruption. Not a specific field. Not a specific occupation. Not a specific person. But intelligence itself.

To do this, one should approach with a trickle down strategy. Not that one strategy always works best, but here it may work wonders if done well. Disruption at the highest echelons of intelligence.

To make those with the highest levels of intelligence question themselves is a victory in itself for the casual observer. Because once a society has its highest members of intellectual merit for a species that prides itself on the power of its brain as a whole, that society sees a disruption in the very mind of the world.

For too common are the most common of insults. One is dumb, one is stupid, one is unintelligent, one is retarded. Now what if by modest proposal in the manner of Jonathan Swift, one were to disrupt the very reason, logic, and mental stability of those who pride themselves in the intellectual caste. The intellectual class. The bourgeois of the yuppie modern made as the intelligentsia of today

You see, one knows very well how the mind of a high intellectual thinks. When it questions itself, it goes into a state of chaos and disorder. It loses the tether from which it binds itself to what is its sense of reality grounded by esteem, prestige, and status.

So then like the rest of us, like all of normal people casteless as born, the mind is stripped away from its intellectual boundaries that segregate and separate the people to which the mind and body connect and one. At that point what are we?

What are we defined by? If we are people without brains. We then must think for ourselves what defines us. Whether that be morality, or decisions, or the consequences of our birth. And so a new definition arises, one of intelligence. So what is intelligence at that point when identity has been stripped away.

A new paradigm shifts the societal norms that govern our minds, our cores, and our structure in large part due to the very fabric of our inner essence knowing that we are human beings first and brains second.

And so new methods must be found, if intelligence is thrown out, as a defining factor in the definition of a good life. A good life then, re-defined and re-imagined for where are the wise men and wisdom of old, when the new begin with a wisdom untouched by the ancient merits of ancient thinking of ancient yesterday. A single day being considered too past for today. Too unfair for fairness. Too passing to pass.

This is but a modest proposal.

For how would such a thing occur? We as a society, are far too smart for something to ever happen. We are far too intelligent to be found unintelligent. We are our IQs.

So forever it remains a modest proposal. The disruption of intelligence itself.


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