Double Life & Augmented Reality

So I was trying to make a mobile app, or mobile game if you want to call it that, to boost my own intelligence. I wanted to make something useful for myself.

Then while I played with some app builders, I figured the material was so boring and dry so I decided to theme it as “Secret Agent”. The concept was that I would set missions for myself daily or so, and then I would have to go out and complete these missions in the real world.

Basically open app. Get mission from myself. Then complete the mission. Viola I’m a secret agent. The hard part about it is that I have to update the mission myself each and everyday.

Then I realized, hey you know what, I played a tiny bit of Pokemon Go (I caught like 2 Pokemon), why not try this augmented reality thing.

Then I tried making an augmented reality app using a builder. And it wasn’t too complicated, but complicated enough I couldn’t do it on a Saturday. Or in the near future. So then I played a little bit with AR and was like “whoa”… “this is the next platform for creativity…”

So I’m working in stealth mode on an augmented reality company.

Coincidentally, the domain name is perfect for an AR company. Doube Life since most AR games are basically you living out a double life of some sort.

Hopefully I’ll make some money on the side. Or something. Just supposed to be doing missions. Get smarter. Change world. Bam, bam, bam. Guess I need money too. I’ll figure that part out eventually.

So here’s to playing around with AR games.


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