Here’s an idea selling online identities.

Here’s a mock advertisement.

With years of experience as both a user and moderator, we have the expertise to set you up with your new online identity.

So how does it work and what exactly do you get? All good questions indeed. Well, lets see..

Why would I buy an online identity?

Because you can use the internet as your virtual playground. Some people want to live out their alter egos online. It is like live action role playing done digitally.

Can you give an example?

Say you buy an identity of a “High IQ Genius” as your online identity. Now you can go out and have fun posting on internet forums and message boards to your hearts content. Or you want to be a “Former street gangbanger” now you’re living thug life on social media.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

We carefully craft your identity in areas that you may not have specific experience in. We don’t just write your background story, we provide all the support services that go with it.

What are support services?

When in doubt, just contact us. For example you might not know the answer to a question posed to your new identity. If you don’t know, just contact us. And let our professionals guide you through. Need a reference? We’ll help with that too.

What do I get exactly?

You will be handed a list of account logins along with biographical information, employment history, education history, and depending on how much you want, personalized contacts.

Is this legal?

Yes these are not stolen identities. They are created pen names. Some websites, however, do prohibit the sale of accounts to other users. We do follow such guidelines and in those cases will only be able to provide you with authorized accounts. Also we do not do anything illegal with the accounts and you should not either.

What identities can I buy or not buy?

As we beta test our service it is determined on a case by case basis. Obviously you cannot be Batman on the internet. Nobody will believe you are Bruce Wayne and it’s a waste of both of our times. It is also illegal to falsify military veteran history in some countries, so we do not provide that as a service.

Can I be a celebrity?

Technically yes, but the accounts are not guaranteed to last as fans and followers will be filled with bots which are at risk for deletion on most channels.

Wouldn’t it just be easier for me to make my own fake accounts?

If you want to make a fake name and fake gmail account then yes. If you want an entire online identity to live out a second life, then no. It is actually a lot of work.

How much does a Double Life cost?

It depends on how elaborate your second life is. If we have to create an entire family for you, then obviously it’s going to cost more. We don’t even have paypal at the moment, so we’ll work on building the store platform first and get back to you with the pricing.

What if my second identity is discovered?

Please refer to our refund and exchange policy. Which is in progress.

When was the first time you created a fake identity?

When I was about 11 years old. This was when the internet was still new and geocities and AIM was at the height of its popularity. I first created a fake identity as a girl named April. April I created to be a girl at another middle school in my school district. April got so popular, even people I knew in real life had heard of her which I thought was hilarious. One time this guy drove out to the movie theaters and I told him I would be there, and he went home alone that night. I also had a school rumor comedy website and other accounts. I was basically a top internet troll at least at my school starting at age 11.

All in all it’s analyzing speech patterns and online behavior for mimicry.

This has been a fake ad for a fake service.


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