‘Nobody has ever seen God’

But he has seen you and me

So seen we are in the truth of the light that so surrounds us

He captures our souls in the stillness that they are

His and His alone whose eyes gaze deep into the depths of our hearts

And what may He find that not many have found

He finds love of all things

Love like the thing between each other

Love the thing between any two brothers

Sisters we love like one another, and so too God finds it within Him

For it is Him, it is love that He is

So say John in his book many have read and so say John that we need not fear

Have no fear of the shadows of our own light

For even in darkness His love pierces through the night and illuminates

No hesitation towards Judgment we should find that the man known as Jesus

Not man but love in the flesh and body of our kind

That in him we find our spitting image from within with no tainted skin

And in Him we find ourselves within like He is inside my eyes turned backwards

‘Nobody has ever seen God’ but nobody has never seen love

And if nobody has been so deprived of the love given by the light

Then nobody has ever been without the presence of God

So that He may preside over all things on this earth

And divided though we are we find ourselves much worse than-

The lesser of the man who love not his neighbor of skin and flesh not his own

Whether black or white or any two hues we know only one thing-

One thing is true that love is God and God is love

So come brothers and sisters we fear no coming of the man

The one above us all we so stand waiting awaiting the glory of His gospel

And yet even with eyes opened wide we cannot see God

Like staring into the sun at its brightest center so blinded we become

Yet even without vision in the sunniest of days we still see

God before us standing unseen but not unheard

Thunderous it is the love of the light

And the source of those clouds from which the thunder were thrown

Is none other than the same from whose heart you have affixed

His heart is love and in that love we are all one

As long as we continue to love one by one like a brother or sister

Then so continue his invisible reign

So stay the love without pain


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