Short Story: The 2100 Underground Society.

In the world of high IQ societies an underground society emerged.

It was called the 2100 Society. The name referenced the turn of the millennium when the digital age had revolutionized human intelligence.

It is theorized by some, as cited in Mega Society Noesis Journal among other sources, that the theoretical IQ of a person is actually capped not at 200, but at 400 as being attainable by a human using the internet. A genius would lose in a cognitive problem solving challenge by a well below average person with access to the internet. The digitally enabled person might hover somewhere at 400 IQ.

The Society divides itself by delegating each member who goes by a codename, rather than their real name although real names may be used as code names, with a number based suffix. So 2100 refers to a person with a 100 IQ or average IQ. A 2140 IQ refers to a person with 140 IQ. At below 2100, members are considered in-training or non full members. All members below 2099.

There is no test for entry, other than peer judgment. Members self select their believed IQ and choose their own number. Members may change their number at any given time, based on the feedback they receive from other members. Number changes can be initiated by a petition of members whether formally or informally to reassess the number of a specific member. There is no specific criteria for lateral upwards or downloads movement.

The Society argues that the moment the rules become a solidified and formal strict measure, then the 2100 becomes just like the other IQ societies with flawed testing and flawed structures. The 2100 argues that no structure creates a natural environment where a true bell curve is created through self-selection without artificial separators which the 2100 believes are created by the high IQ for the high IQ, unjustifiably diminishing the selective components integral to the upper middle, the middle, and lower middle regions.

Plus, members of other Societies may freely enter the 2100 and simply designate their number freely. But with great risk, because the 2100 Society operates on a very unique structure.

The Society is set to close its doors and shutdown on the last year correlating to the highest numbered member. So if a member enters at 2160, then the Society will end on the Year 2160 AD. The only way the Society will live past that year, is if a higher numbered member enters and declares their number greater than the current year of the real calendar and the highest numbered member.

The Society exists to simply feed itself. It is designed by very origin to feed itself. The purpose of the Society is to create new members, or accelerate existing members to enter a higher strata of intelligence. By entering a higher level of IQ, the Society feeds itself and stays alive until a longer date in the future. Even if the Society were down to a single member, that member has an incentive to extend the life of the Society to move up higher in IQ and survive further into the future.

The Society keeps itself from artificially extending its life through use of distribution intelligence. The Society can see if the majority of members are at the highest level of numbers, and a tiny portion of members are at the bottom of numbers, that an unnatural distribution has occurred. The intelligent members will argue that the vast majority cannot lie in the smallest percentile and self select itself through natural means back into a normal curve.

There is no hierarchy among the numbers, meaning the highest numbered member has no greater right than the lowest numbered member. But movement of number among individuals is considered highly favorable when upwards and unfavorable when downwards. This gives incentive for many members to start at the bottom or lower ends of the number line rather than designate themselves higher and move up immediately. Or not move at all.

The number 2000 is considered the origin point of the 2100 society, with 2100 being considered the average and 2000 being the point of birth of the Society. The Society exists to find intelligence, define intelligence, and accelerate intelligence in the present in the future. It is designed to shutdown the day that it is no longer needed for humanity. The last date of need for human intelligence is the date of the highest numbered member.

Not all members will know they are members. For members may enter voluntarily or be identified by existing members. As members may select other persons who are non members and designate them a number. Those non members become unwitting members who are given a number, but not a codename which may only be self selected, and added to the membership roster. The purpose of their membership is normalize the number curvature in order to reach what is a either bell-like or normal-like distribution of members’ numbers.

Once an unwitting member becomes aware of the existence of the 2100 Society they may select their number of keep their default number which was given to them. Other members may choose to reveal this number or not reveal this number to them. But they will always know it is above 100, as the lowest number for inclusion is 2100 so they must be at least average. Hence, the 2100 Society is a game.

It is a viral game. The 2100 Society is said to have started as a word of mouth social game played in separated pockets of persons. Different groups of members begin assimilating and “eating” groups of unwitting members into their ranks by assigning them numbers. When two groups of aware members meet they will identify each other by their common knowledge of the rules of the game. It is common for different groups of 2100 Societies to have different rules than the original and variations of rules from each other. There is no rule for how these differing subsets of 2100 Societies would unify or interact with each other with their variations of the original rules.

Members of the 2100 Society who have played the game for a long time tend to become very good at identifying the numbers of both members and nonmembers. Much debate within 2100 Societies centers around the selection of numbers especially of the unwitting.

The appearance of a 160+, 200+, or 400 number member is equivalent to the appearance of a natural disaster in the real world. It is rare and so uncommon and occurrence that members stop and stare. Debate often follows if the numbers are accurate as there can only be a few in the entire world with those numbers.

So named after the Y2K bug, the 2100 Society is a virus that spreads across normal society. A membership of 1 can spread easily across any size group. The most popular number is predicted to be 2120, but that has yet to be seen. 2100 is also an extremely popular number, having been the original number of the original member who founded the original 2100 Society.

If one is to read to become aware of this recital of the viral game known as 2100, then one has joined the 2100 Society. If unless otherwise noted, the default number is 2100.

This is the fictional short story of a fictional 2100 Society, the viral game played by high IQ societies. It has been said that abandoned notebooks have been found in the far future, handwritten with lists of codenames and numbers in the 2100’s. Historians of the future use these as ancient signs of ancient intelligence.

Credit: This is a variation of “The Game” of self-awareness. In which case you have lost the game. After reading this.


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