The internet plays a game.

Here’s a game I designed called “Secret Agent”. The basic premise is that in the modern digital age we think of leaks disseminating in one of three primary ways:

  1. A source like wikileaks publishes it
  2. A newspaper publishes it
  3. It is caught on social media or on video

I saw some card games on Kickstarter and thought I’d use that as a way to distribute secret information. So I MS Painted the image below with instructions:


image: secretagent.jpg

The character is Laughing Man from Ghost in the Shell. He’s a notorious hacker who whenever he’s seen, his face is covered by a hacked graphic overlay of that boy in the baseball cap. I put the Gates there, which I guess references “Gates” meaning scandals. The K’s on the side are a reference to House of Cards from Netflix, as it makes a King card. The suit is obviously a James Bond secret agent type.

So I figure that what you do is send this card to a person. Then when they whip out their phones and catch the augmented reality on it, a secret is revealed to them.

Now I didn’t have any secrets on hand, so in the test version I got some non surface news from the G20 summit. The G20 is so under the radar anyways, that it was basically like obscure information. Add in a little ambiguity and secret sauce.

I suppose that in the near future people could just send each other augmented reality cards like this which right now only works with Blippar which is in beta. It would definitely make the “dead drop” a lot more interesting, especially when walking around outside.

Also trying to work on my artwork thingy. Slowly but surely improving a bit at a time.

I imagine that if one of these secret exchange cards got spread around enough it could go viral. But of course the secret would have to be pretty spicy for that to happen. Either that or it just had that viral k-factor.


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