I am Faustus.

I believe that knowledge is power. I believe that self expression is the first action necessary for a chain reaction. I know that when a man claps his hands, a butterfly flaps its wings, and a thunderstorm hurls bolts of lightning towards the Earth.

So I give a good performance. A wonderful show.

And then I wait.. not for the clapping. But for the thunder.

In the daytime I am a man. That man I dislike. He is a man related by blood and marriage to politicians, generals, and businessmen with privilege and power. He is a man that works to feed those who are already well fed. He is a man who lives a fantasy some call normality.

In the nighttime I am not a man. I am a mask. That masked man I like.

Except some nights I wonder which is the man and which is the mask. And when I slip so often as I do my two worlds collide. And when the clash comes I know not which side I will pick as the choice of my own. I am a coin with two sides, each with its own face.

I am the coin that pays the ferryman.

Two of me it takes to pay for the fare.

I am modern descendant of Faustus. One born of an ancestor with a contractual obligation. And I think to myself on those dreary nights when slumber arrives late as usual, I think, I ponder, must I pay for the debts of my forefathers and be denied passage for lack of consideration made on my end of the bargain by souls of men?

I am not Faustus.

I am his alter ego.